Life’s Little Influances

I was at the hospital the other day, talking to a nurse about child birth, and she mentioned how the full moon has a tendency to make for a very busy night for the Labor and Delivery section of the hospital; especially among the “crazy people” as she put it. It reminded me of some friends I had a few years ago, and I had to agree with her that a full moon can certainly have an effect on certain people who are sensitive to those sorts of things. She conclude by saying she wouldn’t have believed it herself if she hadn’t done some research on it while she was in school.

Today, my wife and I were talking about how women tend to get in-sync with their monthly cycles, because a mutual friend of ours was thinking she might be expecting. I wondered if there was a reason why women do tend to do this; was there some purpose behind it? Did it somehow fit into God’s plan?

All this got me to thinking about all the influences we have in our lives from worldly pressures, pier pressures, natural phenomena, and other subtle things we rarely even notice; like the ones I saw in an animated movie about an unusual penguin that went on an adventure to save his fellow birds from the horrible humans taking all their sea food. The movie was rich with subtle innuendos about how our elderly and religious leaders shouldn’t be trusted or believed, and how it was ok to be so different that you can get away with behaving irrationally and in socially destructive ways.

The few people I talked to about the movie thought I was reading things into it, but I believe those who are the most oblivious to these things are the most likely to be unconsciously influenced by them; instead of filtering them out and recognizing them for what they are. If we do nothing more than “go with the flow” these influence will surly end up controlling our lives, and taking us where ever they may.

All this makes me thankful that I have a belief system in my life to helps me stay in control of my decisions and my life; instead of losing my ability to choose for myself. It also reminded me of the importance of making decisions about whom and what you are before being faced with an otherwise difficult decision. If you already know your moral value system, these decisions are no longer difficult, but become increasingly black and white as your moral values and beliefs become more solidified.

I’m not talking about choices such as a career or what to eat for dinner, as these things become almost meaningless when viewed with an eternal perspective. Such a view is not easy to come by in this life, as it has a very finite beginning and end points for everyone, but when you realize that what is truly important to come away from this life with, are not the physical possessions we have (really, you can’t take them with you) but the spiritual progression and heavenly treasures we have obtained, you start to see how important it is to be in control of yourself and your life; while heading in the right directly.

Thanks to the Saviors Atonement, God allows for course corrections, and U-turns.

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