Joe Straus Texas House Speaker

Despite statewide polling showing that 89% of Republican Primary voters want more conservative House leadership, and county party organizations – including the Harris, Travis, Dallas, Johnson, Kaufman, Collin, and Tarrant county GOP organizations – formally demanding a conservative House leader, the Texas House Republican Caucus voted overwhelmingly to support incumbent Speaker Joe Straus, who by many is considered to be more moderate. Approximately two dozen members voted for Ken Paxton.

In the end, out of 150 members, only 15 did not vote for Joe Straus, including:

Ken Paxton

Leo Berman

Cindy Burkett

Erwin Cain

Wayne Christian

Dan Flynn

Phil King

Jim Landtroop

Jodie Laubenberg

Tan Parker

Charles Perry

David Simpson

Van Taylor

James White

Bill Zedler

This list was made possible thanks to Rep. Berman (R-Tyler) who required that a record be taken.

Republican Party of Texas, State Chairman Steve Munisteri, issued the following statement following the conclusion of the first day of the new legislative session:

“I congratulate Speaker Joe Straus on his election and look forward to working with him, as well as our entire Republican leadership, to ensure the passage of bills consistent with the principles of our party. I ask for all members of our party now to unite behind the duly elected Speaker, and to work with our representatives in passing legislation consistent with our party platform.”

“In the near future, I look forward to meeting with Republican grassroots and conservative activist leaders, as well as Senate Republicans and our statewide elected officials. We will all work towards building consensus on key legislation, and in making this session a success. I am confident that if Republicans put past differences behind us, and focus only on the future, that we will have a very successful session. I am quite optimistic that this can be accomplished, and look forward to the days ahead in the 82nd Legislative Session with Speaker Straus and our House Republican super-majority.”

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