Is All “Fair” in socialized government?

While reading comments on my HOA’s on-line discussion forum lately, I’ve noticed a lot of people have been complaining about getting notices because their garbage cans weren’t in the correct location. Seems silly, I know, but from the HOA’s standpoint, it’s all about being fair and insuring nobody is devaluing the neighborhood with a trashy looking house.

It seems to me that they should be a bit more intelligent about it. If the real goal is to protect the value of the neighborhood, then is a trashcan being out of place really a problem? Shouldn’t they really be looking for houses that have a number of violations; like lawns getting to long and full of weeds along with trashcans or cars on cinderblocks? On the other had, they need to be “fair” don’t they? Or do they? Can’t they just single out the obviously troubled homes, or would that be discriminatory?

Is it really about being fair when you go around and blanket the neighborhood with notices for people who claim they were just cleaning out the garage at the time, or mowing the lawn and need to move the trashcans so they weren’t in the way? Is it really fair that Neighbor Joe Shmow is sick this month and can’t take care of his lawn, so he gets a notice or two? To truly be fair, wouldn’t we have to go around and talked to every violator to see what the circumstances were related to the problem, and then determine if the deserve a violation notice or not?

This line of though may seem silly, but isn’t that what the “Liberals” are all about? Making sure the rights of the people are fairly protected and properly analyzed? Is that even possible? When you start heading down this path, you start to see some crazy things happening; things like the appointment of Czars.

What you end up with when trying to be “fair” to everyone is an attempt to be all things to all people; and ultimately being fair to no one. That’s exactly what our current U.S. government leaders are trying to be; the end-all-be-all of healthcare for all U.S. Citizens. “Let’s make sure the poor and cared for,” or “Lets make sure the rich don’t have any un-fair advantages.” How about the one were we say everyone had a “right” to proper health care, because it’s only the fair thing to do, isn’t it? Or is it? Where in the constitution does it say the Federal government even has the right or responsibility to provide health Care?

How do you think it is that our government has gotten so schizophrenic? Every time a spending bill comes along, every senator, congressmen, and even presidents seems to want something added to it for their constituents and supporters. What you end up with is a spending bill that tries to be all things for all the people. It gets very expensive that way, and sets a very “liberal” standard when it comes to our government’s spending habits.

It always starts small. We need to do something for the poor people, or we need to so something for this or that minority. As one group gets something for nothing, another group decides to get in on the action and sets up a campaign. For the U.S.A. it kind of started with the Great Depression (although I’d argue it started a bit earlier then that) when we setup Social Security and later setup Medicare. Today that model of helping others has gotten out of control and is threatening to bankrupt the Republic. Now that we are supposedly fighting of another depression (I don’t know how less then 10% unemployment equals the 25-30% we saw during the great depression) and it’s being used as a tactic to once again allow the government to become increasingly more socialized. It’s taken almost a hundred years, but the Republic has almost been completely replaced with a socialistic government.

What if instead we stopped trying to be all things to all people, and allowed the people to decide for them selves what they need. Give them the freedom and ability to work for it, and obtain it on their own. Give them the freedom to give help to those in need, and ask for it when needed; instead setting an expectation that their taxes will force them to pay for someone else to do it for them (that’s a lot more expensive then just being helpful within your community). What if my HOA, instead of hounding everyone about ever little thing would instead coordinated help for those like Neighbor Joe Shmow? How much smaller would the government suddenly become as the need to pay out all this money in the future would disappear.

Personally, I’d prefer it if the U.S. federal government would stop trying to be all things to all people, and instead try to be the bearer of basic standards and national defense. Let the states worry about the more socialistic aspects of government in such a way that we encourage local communities to work together to make this world a better place.

Personally, I’d prefer to see my HOA stop nitpicking over trashcans, and focus more on the park bench that’s been broken since last year, and the swimming pool that has a broken water fountain. Sure I want my property values protected, and troubled homes dealt with, but not in such a way that my neighbor get a notice about his trashcan just because he was trying to clean out his garage or mow his lawn.

Personally, I’d rather not have a health care plan pushed down my throat just because the Vice President thinks that spending more money will somehow save us from the future of an unaffordable status quo.

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