How to cut the budget


The Heritage Foundation wants to know: What Would You Cut?
America is at a tipping point. Federal spending now exceeds tax revenues by $1.6 trillion a year. That 40 percent of total budget.

Let’s start with the department of education. Don’t just cut it, eliminate it. What good has it really done for our country? I think it’s done more harm then good. But even that is only a fraction of the overall cuts needed. Everything across the board needs a baseline 40%+ cut in budget. Including your own salary. How about the department of transportation?​ Is it really needed anymore? It’s a perfect example of a government program that met it’s original goal and instead of being disbanded, it was expanded. How can we expect government spending to stay in check when every government organization that has failed miserably, instead of being punished and done away with, instead gets rewarded for thief failure with more funding to try and make it work? FEMA, ATFE, and EPA come to mind in those cases. FEMA just gets in the way of quick responses by creating unnecessary red tape and overpaying for jobs that others can do much faster and cheaper. ATFE has shown many times how ineffective it can be, and with the FBI, CIA, US Martials, Homeland Security, National Guard, and other more local law enforcement, are they really needed. The EPA is nothing more then a bully in government suits. Instead of working hard to find new and better ways of finding extracting, distributing and using energy, they are instead hard at work enforcing unreasonable and counterproducti​ve laws and regulations. And as I pointed out already we have plenty of law enforcement. Take a lesson from Texas; they have a Sunset advisory board to help get rid of redundant and unnecessary departments and agencies. Tell Obama to stop his undeclared and unconstitutiona​l war in Libya if he truly believes we have spent too much on the Military over the last decade. Do we really need a base in Germany these days? Maybe we can get Europe to start paying us for the service we provide them; if they even still want it. And for the war on terror, we have bigger threats closer to home that we need to refocus on; like tyranny from some of our own government agencies such as the TSA, and a still insecure boarder. Of course the biggest threat to the solvency of our great country are the not yet realized, but certainly coming liabilities that the current healthcare and Social Security demands will put on the budget. Start working on a plan to phase out Social Security. Only the government could get away with such a scheme without someone going to jail. Start handing Medicare over to the States where it belongs, and repeal “Obama Care” immediately. Finally, take a lesson from Canada. They’ve were recently in an even worse situation, but were able to cut back without causing massive economic collapse or riots in the streets, or any of the other claimed negative effects that the debt lovers keep trying to scare us with.

Cut the TSA airport body scanners which waste my money and violate my rights against unlawful search.
Stop bailing out wall street – no more treasury slush fund.
Cut regulations and bureaucracy so businesses can produce more, and thus pay more in taxes.
Sell off the governments shares of GM and tell the labor unions to stop expecting so much for so little, nor help from the government.
Put states and teacher back in charge of our schools, and again tell the teachers union to stop sucking the life and money out from under our children’s education. Stop federal funding of schools and teachers unions.
Turn Medicare and SS and other unconstitutional social programs over to the states were the money can be utilized more efficiently and out of the hands of federal bureaucrats spending bills.
Turn over control of BLM land and Forest lands to the states, and let the states have the option to tire them into prophet centers that help insure our natural resources get used wisely and preserved for the future.
Encourage more volunteerism and charitable giving so the federal government doesn’t have too. Stop giving foreign that we cannot afford righ now.
Abolish the out of controle EPA, and the ineffective FEMA.
Abolish the IRS by simplifying the tax code so that a 5th grader can understand it.
Stop using our troups to police the world for free. If we are wanted, ask for reimbursement for our services. We only do if for free if there is a eminent danger to our country.
Encurage more hardworking immigrants by easing up on immigration laws.
No more pet projects or pork belly spending. No more bribing votes by putting unrelated “beafits” into a bill.
Don’t fund Obama Care – repeal it.

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