Hot Loop / Schnebly Hill Loop

Hot Loop Off-road 4×4 Trail is a collection of rocky forest roads that offers some moderate off-road challenges. It combines thick forest areas, meadows, rock littered roads, primitive camping areas, and a handful of spots with amazing scenic views.

Despite looping around Schnebly Hill, the name actually comes from the hiking trail of the same name that starts in Oak Creek and peaks at Jacks Canyon Road. A portion of Jacks Canyon Road is the Southern section of the Hot Loop Off-road 4×4 Trail. Jacks Canyon Road also heads further South, and can be explored as an optional side trail; unfortunately, it no longer goes through to The Village of Oak Creek, parallel to Hot Loop Hiking Trail.

Whether you are on an overland adventure through the area, or staying for the weekend, if you want a great isolated camping spot, on top of Schnebly Hill, this is the place to be.

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