FJ Cruiser Front Control Arms Replaced

I replaced the front control arms on my FJ Cruiser. If you’re curious to see how I did it, here’s the video:

You really only have to watch the first eighteen and a half minutes to see how it was done, the rest is just fun extra video footage of the whole ordeal.

After 169,000 miles in my FJ Cruiser, my suspension bushings were getting sloppy making the vehicle less stable on the road; especially at freeway speeds. Replacing bushing, however, it’s quite the chore, so instead, I opted for some replacement control arms with new bushings and ball-joints.

Brian from A Better View Auto Glass rebuilt some lower control arms for me (not sponsored, I paid him for them), and I got a pair of slightly used upper control arms from a fellow AZFJ non-member for a good price.

This video is my clumsy attempt to install the Upper and Lower Control Arms into my 2007 FJ Cruiser, with some much-appreciated help of Bryan. He was a wealth of knowledge and I’m trying to share that knowledge within this video as best I can. I may not have fully covered all aspects of this repair job in this video, so use the information in it at your own risk.