East Pocket Road, Coconino NF, Arizona

If you are a weekend explorer or want an area that can serve as a short expedition run, you’ve come to the right trail.

East Pocket Road by itself is not terribly exciting, especially at the north end; however, it provides access to many incredible destinations including the Mogollon Rim. Here you can find breath taking views from above the red rocks and dirt found in the northern Verde Valley below along one particular spot known as the Edge of the World. Here you’ll also find awesome dispersed, primitive camping spots. At the very end of the road you’ll find a gate blocking private motor vehicle access to the East Pocket Lookout Tower. If your up for a hike you can go the final half-mile on foot to see the tower. Sometimes you may be able to get a tour of the tower; look for a sign on the gate indicating if visits are permitted at that time.

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