Death and taxes

I was listening to the radio on my way home from work on Thursday and they were talking about the death of Pop Legend Michel Jackson. Instead of celebrating the good things Mr. Jackson had done in his life, some of the callers instead were suggesting his death was some kind of punishment from God; despite the fact that we have no real proof of his wrong doing. My first thought was “how short sighted that opinion is”, and it reconfirmed for me how my beliefs help take the sing out of death.

When everyone is destined to die, and it’s really just a matter of when, how can we say death is a punishment (unless you torcher them to death) especially when you believe as I do that death is not the end. Rather I believe death to be a necessary next step in our eternal progression. Instead of grieving, I find myself hopping Mr. Jackson has now found the peace he needs.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly sad when loved ones leave us, and I do believe in capitol “punishment”, both as a deterrent and as a way of dealing with people whom have done such terrible things that society has no other way to truly deal with them.

I’m not even talking about rapists or pedophiles, as I think we should castrate them instead; rather I’m talking about people who are likely to do there horrific acts again and again if ever given the chance. In that case death is a way of protecting society and preventing them from committing further sin. From this perspective, death can even be seen as merciful. They will also be further along their way to the true judgment and punishment of God that is well beyond anything we can ever inflict in this mortal life.

So what do taxes have to do with this, other then supposedly being the other unavoidable thing in life? While many people are busy morning over dead celebrities that they don’t even really know, Congress has been busy finding new ways to tax us and ultimately destroy more jobs in the name of protecting us from a still poorly understood phenomenon commonly referred to as “Climate Change”; formally known as “Global Warming”, and in the ’70s it was referred to as “Global Cooling”.

What I’m getting to here is the single largest tax ever to be put on the U.S.A. In a single session of congress: cleverly named “Cap and Trade“. In an already slow economic time, this bill will only hurdle us even closer to a full-on depression, and no I don’t think a depression is inevitable, or at least I didn’t until the Democrats took over Washington D.C. ealier this year. Quite honestly, the passage of this bill is something i think most Americans should be more graved by then the passing of a couple of celebrities (with exception to those who actually knew the deceased personally).

As the economy continues to plummet, our liberal government will continue to find new reasons why they “have to” take over more aspects of our lives to keep us from hurting our selves. The reality is that it’s the government putting stumbling block in our path that is causing us to trip and fall. Sure a reasonable amount of regulation is good to protect the people against tyrants and thieves, but I believe the U.S. government has taken this way too far. My biggest fear is that we are not even close to being done with all the encroachments the government is going to make into our lives and our wallets.

The moral here is that our country is going to continue on a downward spiral until we start getting our priorities straight, and getting involved. We can talk about it all day long, but until we actually do something, all we’ll get is more of Obama’s “Change”. I say he can keep his change, and I’ll keep my dollars.

If things get bad enough will the government say they “have to” step in a take complete control over the economy and all businesses?  Either way, it looks like we have until 2020 before the worst of it kicks in, so lets get started on looking for good people to represent us that will repeal this economy killing bill.  On the other had, maybe we’ll all be driving electric cars by then… yeah I know, not likely; though I’m sure there’ll be a few around by then.

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