Climate Change Finally in Reach of its True Goal


According to the National Committee Against the U.N. Takeover & Citizens United for American Sovereignty & Freedom Alliance:

In the One-World Government the following will occur:

1. Our military will be under the UN control. Our military will be brought before UN judges and court system.
ICC…International Criminal Court. ICC consists of U.S. hating judges who meet in European courtrooms.
2. UN will tax our pension, travel, use of oil & electricity, phone calls overseas, and imported consumer goods or other words a World IRS
3. UN will control the ocean’s resources. Through the Law of the Sea Treaty, UN will start taxing Americans for oil drilling and mineral extraction and even start telling the U.S Navy where it can & can’t go.
4. UN will abolish the death penalty in America
5. UN will open up America’s borders to illegal aliens & potential terrorists.
6. UN wants the terrorists at Guantanamo Bay freed and allowed to live in the USA.
7. The Global New Deal….as the UN international welfare program. It is modeled after the New Deal of Franklin Roosevelt. The Global New Deal would provide the equivalent of food stamps & welfare checks to every Third World country. It would also establish a socialist health care plan for every person on the face of the earth.
8. An Environmental Regulation Agency….UN will “negotiate” a Climate Change Treaty in Copenhagen. China, India, Brazil and Pakistan will be exempted from the treaty, American industry will be at a huge disadvantage and will cost American workers their jobs.

I’ve also received information from a trusted source that:

On 12/6/08 CGS Obama transition team Meetings:

Eric Schwarts is in charge of the US/UN transition team & also handles multilateral issues for the National Security Policy team.

1st meeting was with a delegation from the Partnership for Effective Peacekeeping (PEP) and the next was with members of the Washington Working Group on the International Criminal Court (WICC is a coordination group of the Washington base organizations committed to ICC) Citizens for Global Solutions play a lead role in both of these coalitions.

Our objective was to give the incoming administration pragmatic objectives that could be accomplished during a 4 yr. term on our issues.

For the PEP briefing 7 priorities were discussed:
1. Pay down nearly $1.6 billion in U.S. arrears to the UN & request Congress permanently lift the cap on U.S. dues to U.N. peacekeeping

2. Balance the inequity between UN Security Council mandates & the resources provided to support those mandates

3. Work with DPKO. Increase US peacekeeping participation & leadership by putting more blue helmets on US troops.

4. Include conflict prevention & civilian protection as fundamental pillars of the U.S. foreign policy

5. Voluntarily restrict the use of the U.S veto in the Security Council in situations involving genocide, major war crimes & major crimes against humanity.

6. Support the expansion of the UN Dept. of Political Affairs to enable it to more effectively respond to emerging crises.

7 Stand up the Civilian Response Corps with dedicated staffing & request funding for a Conflict Response Fund

For the WICC meeting we shared 3 priorities:

1. Reinstating the US signature to the ICC treaty (which was unsigned by Pres. Bush & John Bolton)

2. Constructive U.S. participation in the ICC’s governing body, the Assembly of State Parties in preparation for the ICC’s 2010 Review Conference.

3. Expanding, deeping & further formalizing the official channel of US cooperation with the Court so that we can help bring to justice the those responsible for atrocities in Darfur, the Congo, Uganda & other cases the ICC is involved in.

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