Clayton Lake, July 2007

In July 2007 I took a trip up to Oklahoma’s Clayton Lake State Park for a day of off-roading with the Loan Star Land Cruisers. The trip took a few hours, and it was late at night, so I didn’t get any pictures of the drive up. However, after staying the night, sleeping in the back of Negro, the beautiful scenery was all around me. We had breakfast, got organized and headed out on our trip.
The area we were haded to was known as the “Honobia Creek/3 Rivers” Wilderness Management Area (WMA) and a permit is required to use the area for any kind of recreation. I had purchased and printed mine on-line earlier that week, but some hadn’t, and I needed some fuel anyway after the long trip, so we made a quick stop at the small town of Clayton, OK. Before long we where on the trails.
We spent most the day driving a long a trail that was a bit rougher, and over-grown then we had expected, but we were all able make it through fine for the most part. I did get stuck in one spot, but with the A-TRAC and rear Locker, I was able to work my way out. The All-Terrain tires had a little trouble getting a grip on the slippery bolder, especially since they had already collected a fair amount of mud. I’ll have to get some over-sized mud-terrain tires when these ones finally ware out (that will be a while though, as BFG’s tend to last a while).
By latter that afternoon, we where heading back to camp on paved roads, and after some dinner in town, I headed home. The other guys stayed behind, planning for another day of wheeling the next day, but being a good little Mormon boy, I had to get home in time to get some sleep before Church the next morning.

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