How to Build a Budget Gaming or Video Editing Computer

I built up my computer so I could have something better to game on, and edit videos on.


How to Build a Gaming Computer on a Budget:

My Parts list:

Old Computer with monitor, keyboard, and mouse = $50
(HP 2210m monitor, 6 year old Costco Computer)
EVGA 500W – $40
ASUS mother board –  $57
AMD FX 6300 – $69(on sale)
16GB RAM – $100 (on sale)
Silver CPU past – $3

Optionally (I already had some of these):

Upgraded Motherboard: $100 and up
Graphics Card: $50 and up
Case if you don’t have one: $40 and up
CPU fan: $15 and up
Keyboard & Mouse: $15 and up
Monitor: $70 and up


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