Anti-Bailout vs Anti-philibuster

You don’t want to vote for the “bailout” supporters. You don’t want to allow the Democrats to gain “rubber-stamp” power over the government. So who do you chose? It almost comes down to voting for the one you fear the least, but is fear really the right thing to base such an import decision upon? Will voting out of fear allow your voice to truly be heard? I say it wont, and have a better solution:

What if Obama won the election by a large margin, not because he got a lot of votes, but because John McCain got relatively few? What if all those other votes when to someone else; anyone else? Wouldn’t that send a clear message that real the conservative base (not the “neo-cons”) of the Republican party was fed up and refused to support a party that no long allowed their voice to be hear?

If this happened, the Republican party would either have to realize they need to come back to their conservative base, or they would fall apart and leave room for a truly conservative party to rise up in its place. Would such an idea just end up causing you to throw your vote away? Perhaps, but is that worse then throwing your voice away?

Until we stop worrying more about who’s going to win then we do about having our true voices and opinion be heard, we will never get our government back from our corrupt representatives who have taken it from us. Yes, it will be hard to deal with a rubber-stamped Democrat controlled government, but what will be even harder is to deal with is a corrupt congress emboldened by a vote re-instating most of the incumbents after they have clearly shown how little the care about the voice of he people.

Ever since John McCain secured the Republican Party Nominee, I’ve felt alienated from it. I’ve also noticed that many others feel the same way. Unfortunately I don’t believe the Republican Party has much of a chance at wining very many elections this year; especially after getting falsely blamed by Senator Clinton for the very unpopular “Wall Street Bailout”.

The answer to the problems with our government will not be fixed by Obama, despite what he wants us to believe. We all know how well socialism works in the rest of the world. With all the problems he is going to inherit, he, and his Democratic friends, are going to end up looking very bad four years from now; and likely the rest of the nation with it.  How good will traditional conservative values look then?

If the Republicans loose big this election year, they will only come back bigger and better four years from now, or they will be replaced with something else; likely something much better.

– Posted by Spaldam

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