An Honest Opinion on the 2016 General Election

An Honest Opinion on the 2016 General Election

First, let me say, I’m not here to tell you who to vote for, you have to decide that yourself; however, it is important that we discuss these things and bounce ideas off each other to help each of us better understand who will best represent us and allow our voices to best be heard in the political arena.

Certainly, the election contest best known by most U.S. citizens – not to mention many others around the world – is that of President of the United State of America. Most people today know about Trump‘s big (and often incoherent and sexist) mouth and Hillary‘s many seemingly evil scandals, but not many know much about other candidates like Stein, Johnson, their congressional representatives, and their state elections.

Gary Johnson Rally At Sky Harbor Airport

I supported Johnson in 2012, and up until now this year as well; because my political ideology most closely aligns with his, though certainly not entirely. In fact, there are a couple of big issues that I strongly disagree with him on mostly derived from my religious beliefs. Still, I believe in voting for the person who most accurately voices your opinion; regardless of their ability to win. This is a long-term-view way of voting as it influences future policies and candidates; especially when they lose by the margin close to or less than the other candidate’s support.

Despite all this, I have come to the following conclusions this week:

What I find most concerning about the Presidential Election is that it’s a distraction from more important votes that will likely have a much bigger effect on our day-to-day lives. I’m not just talking about the congressional representatives and senators, but also state and local elections, that unfortunately, most people know very little about. If you want to read more of my thoughts on this, check out my web page designed to encourage people who don’t want to vote, to go out and vote anyway.

In Arizona where I live, I get to vote on a senatorial race between a statist, warmongering maverick and another very liberal woman. I’m not too excited about voting for either of them, but unfortunately, Arizona recently made it much more difficult for all but the two statist political parties to get ballot access. Makes sense that the state would want to protect itself from parties wanting smaller government, but it’s really not a fair system as the two statist parties get automatic ballot access.

I have similar problems as I continue down the line of state representatives, county positions, and local races, but I think I’ve ranted on long enough beyond what most people reading this would be interested in. I just hope that last sentence doesn’t discourage anyone from looking into their local elections with the same intensity as they do for the Presidential.

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