2009 Lone Star Toyota Jamboree

I was at the 2009 Lone Star Toyota Jamboree this last weekend. Just like last year, I got a lot of photos and had some good fun.

I was originally going to head out Thursday afternoon, but after spending too much time getting ready, and taking care of other things at home (not to mention it was going to be a cold night) I decided to sleep in my warm bed one more night and leave Friday morning. Well I was slow getting going Friday morning, but eventually got to Gilmer and then up Barnwell Mountain.

After getting registered, I when to the pavilion to find a beginners class in progress, so I listened in, and then volunteered to take up the rear in a caravan to tour the park. After I found the same camping spot I was in last year, unloaded the firewood I had brought with me, and made my bed in the back of my FJC, just as I have always done on overnight off-roading trips.

We had a “chilly dinner” / “meet-n-greet” that night, and the next morning was the drivers meeting but not before eating some donuts.

I didn’t brave quite the same level of trails I did last year, and ended up feeling somewhat unchallenged, but I also didn’t want to take as big of a risk as I felt I did last year.

I felt a little disappointed Saturday morning with the trails I had been on, but Saturday afternoon we took some that were a bit more challenging. Maybe next year, if I’ve been able to at least upgrade my tires by then (not likely as they seem to be wearing quite well), I’ll feel more confident with some more challenging trails.

And of course there were those with the really built out trail vehicles that did some timed competitions:

Finally, Saturday night we had a BBQ dinner and a raffle. I didn’t win anything this year, but one guy seemed to win about half of the items.

One more night of camping, and I was headed home.

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