Old Black Canyon Highway

Old Black Canyon Highway, Black Canyon, Arizona

Old Black Canyon Highway

The Old Black Canyon Highway is a leftover from before the time of I-17 being built that once was a major north to south route.

Originally built in the mid to late 1800’s, it was a stagecoach route from Prescott to Phoenix. It was best known for its rough ride, but there is a paved section that still exists in Prescott. Most of the road through Black Canyon City is also paved, but as you continue south, just before merging onto I-17, it makes a turn to the right and becomes a dirt road. Today this dirt trail gives access to private property and the Black Canyon hiking trail. It also leads you into a very skinny, winding, and a hilly off-road trail. As you continue south you’ll end up in the Table Mesa Recreation Area.

For more details see the Trailsoffroad.com web-site.

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