Obama the Evil Scientist

Yesterday’s Obama made yet another Executive Order making good on his promise to reverse the federal restrictions on embryonic stem cell (ESC) research. According to the FRC “the final order turned out to be far more extreme than ESC’s biggest proponents had hoped. Most believed the President would maintain some semblance of restraint and allow experimentation only on those embryos discarded by fertility clinics. Unfortunately, no such limits exist. The President not only cracked ajar the door to ethically-challenged research, he flung it wide open–leaving the very scientists who demanded this money potentially in charge of its limitations.”

Despite President Obama justifications for his policy, the truth remains that ESC research has produced nothing more then cancerous tumors, and a continued cheapening of human life.

Robert George, a professor at Princeton University, commented a little bit “. . . this opens the door for human beings for research in which they are destroyed and that’s just contrary to the basic principles not only of the Judeo-Christian moral tradition but of the American tradition that says each of us as human beings throughout our lives has dignity and worth and cannot be reduced to the mere status of an object or disposable research material . . . Jamie Thompson . . . was the first person to isolate human embryonic stem cells . . . he went down another path and created a technology for which he’s likely to win the Nobel Prize called induced pluripotent stem cells which can be created without using embryos or destroying embryos or killing embryos. So yes, even somebody like Thompson recognizes that there’s a huge ethical issue here. But President Obama’s just swept past it, just swept past it.”

Even Ian Wilmut, the creator of Dolly the cloned sheep, turned away from human cloning to iPSC research.

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