My Extremist Demands

Just as Glenn Beck did last week, I too am going to make a list of my “extremist” demands:

  1. Pass a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced Budget, except in times of war.
    Then give Congress some incentives to follow it, since they seem to have such a hard time with current constitutional law.
  2. Revoke legal tender laws so that the treasury can once again coin real money, and give the Federal reserve the competition and incentive they need to control inflation.
    And give the rest of us some time to do it as well, and give you some feedback on our opinions. After all we are the real employees of our representatives.
  4. Stop trying to push socialized medicine down our throats – we cannot afford it, and don’t want the government having that much control over our lives.
    Do we really want to reform Health Care, or is really about Insurance (or worse, is it really about control and power)?
    What we really need is for the Government to get out it’s already heavy involvement in Health Insurance that artificially raises prices. Creating more government regulations will only make things worse.
  5. Term limits and no more lifetime benefits for career politicians.
    Of course for this to truly work, you also have to revoke the 17th amendment, and then pass true campaign/party finance reform (not this McCain/Feingold crap that just makes it harder for everyone else to get involved).
    By real, I mean, you cannot allow California, New York and other “rich” states to influence the elections of other states, otherwise it doesn’t matter who’s elected because they will just continue the national parties objectives and continue to ignore what real people want.
    The only real reason for a National party is for the presidential election, so how about we disallow national parties from being affiliated with State parties, so states can actually elect people that represent the State; not the national party.
  6. No New taxes! – this includes anything that will cause our energy, food, or other goods to go up in price (i.e. “Cap-and-Trade” and the hidden tax of inflation).
  7. Return to the principles embedded by our “radical, extremist” Founding Fathers!
    Yes I do believe founding our government on the constitution is still a good idea, that is vital to the continued survival of our nation as we know it; but some people are more concerned about “Hope” and “Change”. The only Hope I have is that enough people will wake up and realize that all the political change we’ve put our country threw of the last hundered years or so is going to destory this contry as we know it. It’s way past due time to reverse course.
  8. Stop the hand outs. If you work hard you should get reward for it, but if you’re stupid with your reward, you deserve to fail and be poor so that you can benefit from learning from your own mistakes. The sooner we learn from our mistakes the sooner we can truly be prosperous once again.
  9. Poor people deserves to survive on basic necessities threw real charity (not social programs forced on us by taxes) from their local neighbors and communities, but to truly thrive one must do something for one’s self. After all is it really charity if it’s forced upon you?
  10. If someone does something criminal and destructive to society, they are NOT a good American, they are a criminal, and deserve to be treated as such.
    Why aren’t they the one’s rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure to “pay their debt to society”?

When will reality return to our nation, and allow realism to replace socialized fantasies of political correctness?

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