How I differ from Texas Libertarians

This is a list of areas were I differ slightly from, or would add additional details or clarifications to the Library Party of Texas’s 2010 Party Platform.  This list may seem long, but I do, for the most part, agree with the Libertarian’s much more so then any other political party I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of or even learn about; especially on a Federal Government level.

Economic Liberty

1. Taxes

I am in favor of replacing the current federal income tax with a much simpler and less intrusive tax code, including a federal flat income tax as a good compromise until less intrusive methods of taxation can be implemented. Before we can eliminate it we would have to greatly downsize the federal government, which I also support.

I’m glad Texas does not have an income tax, and would support keeping it that way, but would also caution that any taxation also requires prudence in saving for a rainy day, and avoiding debt.

I support property taxes as a way to pay for essential government services, local roads and schools used in and around the local area were such taxes are collected, but I also understand that raising property taxes is especially hard on fix and low to mid income families and individuals and should, as a general rule, be greatly limited for Homesteads.

Sales Taxes, Service Fees, Tolls and other forms of taxation should be used only for areas which the collected taxes directly affect.  For example, Gas and fuel taxes should be apply only to the building and maintaining of roads.

3. Transportation

I agree for the most part (maybe 85%), but would add that toll roads are a good way to fund freeways, – as those who pay for the toll primarily end up being the one’s who use it regularly – so long as the tolls are also used to pay for construction, upkeep and improvement on the surrounding roads as well – a freeway is no good if you can’t get to it easily and efficiently. I would seek a requirement that all toll roads be responsible for highways or frontage roads that run parallel to the toll road to enable those who do not want to pay tolls the ability to still travel in the same general direction and to the same destinations; not necessary with the same level of efficiency or speed.

I would however keep all Interstate Freeways toll free, to insure unrestricted travel between states and major cities.

Personal Freedom and Civil Liberties

1. Rights of Individuals, Children and Families

These so called “Free speech zones” should only be allowed in areas where it would help protect the freedoms of a non-governmental groups or religions, or in areas of heightened security were the general public is not allowed.  I have seen them work very well for religious groups wanting to allow open access to an area of their property, but want to still insure it is a place conducive to spiritual activities and contemplation without detracting distractions.

I believe that traditional families, within a traditional marriage, is of the up most importance to insuring our children learn how to create and maintain a safe, productive, and free society. However, I do not believe the Federal Government has any right to enforce this in any way. I would also encourage States to view marriage as a significant religious event, not a legal one requiring a license, but to instead provide legal partnerships between any two people willing to share financial and legal responsibilities of all types on any level, either for specific things or all aspects of their lives in general.

Attempts by the Federal Government to regulate and control marriage, violates the 1st Amendment were it says that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”

2. Government and Health

I believe that local and county governments, with assistance from state governments if requested and approved, should be allowed at the discretion of the majority of citizens, to provide charitable health care resources were needed. State and Local governments, however should reject any help or funding in this matter from the Federal government.

The Federal government’s “War on Drugs” should only be concentrated on the importation of illegal or uncontrolled drugs into the country as a matter of national defense, just as it would with any other hazardous or dangerous materials. Across state lines the Federal government should only intervene, based on state law, as a matter of interstate commerce if assistance is requested by the state(s); however I would encourage states to first work together to resolve any such issues.

3. Privacy and Universal Identification

I believe the original meaning of the 4th amendment has been stretched in the last few decades, as the information age has given us a faults sense of tangible ownership to intangible information, and is really only about property, not privacy; however I do support strong protections of privacy for individuals within their personal lives.

4. Election Reform

I reject the notion that a National party is needed for any reason, and believe the major parties have usurped power from the Federal Government, reducing the effectiveness of the separation of powers; however I do respect their right to exist, but would encourage voters to focus more on the individual candidates instead of the party.

The only public office for which there is a nationwide vote, is for President, and this vote is unnecessary under the current constitutionally defined process of electing the President. True election reform to me would be restricting candidates, or organizations focused on electing a particular candidate, from accepting any contributions, towards running an election campaign, from anyone other than those whom they are campaigning to represent. This will help insure that elected officials do not have loyalties to anyone, but those they directly represent.

I also belive that we currently have insufficient representation in the U.S. House.  A single person cannot be expected to effectively represent many hundreds of thousands of individuals.  I would seek to at least double, if not quadruple the number of elected members to the U.S. House, with the goal of having no Representative being beholden to more then 200,000 individuals.

5. Crime and The Justice System

I feel indifferent in this area, until I can learn more about the issues expressed in the 2010 Platform, though I do believe we have a constitutional right to a trial by Jury.

Due to the uniqueness that is intrinsic in every situation, I don’t agree with the notion that one judge’s decision can be used to decide the outcome of an unrelated case. I believe this would prevent the Judicial system from “legislating from the bench”. Every case should be considered as unique and judged based on its particular facts.

We put way too many non-violent “criminals” in jail today, making them a significant burden on tax payers. We should instead be requiring other punishments, such as community service, that allow the convicted persons to continue being a productive member of society, keep their job, and still have deterrents to crime that also provide restitution to society.

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