Fall Baseball 2017 – Arizona Little League District 7

We had a rough season this fall 2017 for Weston’s Little league baseball team. It was a combined Arizona District 7 team. We only won a single game, but we still have lots of fun!

Music: “Evening Fall – Piano” Kevin MacLeod & “Bubblegum Baseball” JR Tundra

Weston all played with the church Primary kids in three early morning softball games against other church congregation’s kids. They all had fun and learned a few things in the process.

Music: “Ballgame” by Kevin MacLeod & “Bubblegum Baseball” JR Tundra

See our Little League Baseball Team for Winter 2017 season being up at bat:

Music: “Ballgame” by Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License

We also had a practice with some bad weather:

We were practicing for Little League Baseball when the weather turned bad.

We could see the dark looming clouds coming from the distance but the sudden gust of wind caught us by surprise. It blew up some sand and pelted us in our faces, but quickly dissipated. After we continued to play and practice in the wind, but before long we started to get some rain. Fortunately, it was only a drizzle, so it didn’t make the baseball diamond muddy or wet. We also saw a number of awesome lighting strikes during this time and struck out ourselves a few times.

Shot entirely on an LG V20 Smart Phone.

Music by:
“Fearless”, “Far And Wide”, and “Daybreak”

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