Getting in a Car Accident isn’t Fun

If you think crashes are awesome and cool things to see on TV, here’s a reality check for you.

On May 23rd, around 3:45pm, I was driving home with my family after going grocery shopping at Costco. As we were getting into the right lane to exit the freeway, we had to stop because traffic was backed up all the way out of the on-ramp onto the freeway. The car behind us also stopped, but the two Tacoma’s behind him didn’t. One of the Tacoma’s was able to move over to the shoulder to avoid an accident, but the second one didn’t; smashing into the vehicle behind us pushing it into the back of my FJ Cruiser.

Now I’m having the joy of dealing with the insurance company of the person who caused the accident to get my sour back, messed up bumper, dented back door, and damaged wheel and tire all fixed.