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I made my first video when I was in high school as part of a project for a theater class. There were four or five of us who worked together to create the video that was supposed to look kind of like a trailer for a movie we called “The Fish Market Riots of ’82”. Later I went on to make slideshow movies of pictures I and my friends had taken for various young single adult outings. Later I made some for weddings and others similar events.

More recently I have rekindled my love of making videos and while I can see that I still have a lot to learn (not to mention some better equipment would help too) it is much easier today to do this in my spare time then ever before. I don’t just want to make videos, I want to make good one’s that people want to watch; hopefully someday soon I’ll get there.


I originally created the name Spaldam in a High School English class in 1993 when the topic of the day was “coining words”. I have since been using it as a nickname and on-line alias.


SJsAdv.com is my personal web-site where I share my adventures in life. These include: going off-road,  writing for Trailsoffroad.com ; Playing Games with my three kids; and the occasional boring technical information. If you’re interested in political or religious content, I have a separate blog for that too.

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