I bought a Cobra 18 WX ST II CB radio for my 1997 Tacoma. This is how I installed it. Try it yourself at your own risk.
I used this model mainly because it’s the closest I could find in size to that of a standard Single DIN sized stereo head unit. I also got it for its front firing speaker which allows for in-dash installation, and it has some other nice features too. I also got it on sale for $60 when it’s suggested retail was $80.

This install requires precision drilling, and over all is a rather tight fit, so be sure to fully read these instructions before attempting this install yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, then don’t, and keep in mind that the instructions on this page are for informational purposes only; meaning, I will not be responsible for damage YOU cause while attempting to do anything mentioned on this page.

First thing is to remove the stereo, along with its mounting brackets from the dash. Then you need to separate the pocket from the stereo brackets, as this is where the CB radio will be placed.

There is a tab on the stereo mounting bracket that needs to be flattened, but the other tab will fit into the CB’s screw hole that is normally used to attach it to the mounting bracket it comes with.

You may also notice that if Cobra had made this screw hole another 1/2″ towards the back of the unit, it would have been a perfect match-up for the existing hole on the stereo mounting bracket. You can’t just simply set the CB radio back further into the dash as you wont have enough clearance once you attach the antenna cable.

You should by now have noticed the four small holes on the side of the CB.
I slowly pushed a skinny, long nail into them to see if I’d hit anything, and since I didn’t I could safely drill a short screw into this hole. I then drilled a small hole in the side of the mounting bracket to match up with one of the holes on the side of the CB.

Take care to make sure the holes match up as closely as possible.

I then used a small metal to metal screw to screw the bracket onto the side of the CB.

Note in the picture above the position of the tab in the screw hole. This
position should causes the front of the CB to stick out a bit from the dash
molding once everything is put back together. It’s a tight fit to get it in
between the molding, but once it’s in there it looks like a perfect fit; also
try to ignore the extra hole in the bracket that I drilled while experimenting
with different fitments.


Finally hook up your wires, antennas, etc. and put the dash back together.

It’s a tight fit , but it looks pretty good.

The biggest fitment problem I ran into was with the antenna cable. You’ll need to get an “L” attachment for the back of the CB radio.

Or your cable will run into the heater ducting behind the radio. Even with the “L” attachment I wasn’t able  to fully screw in the bottom two screws that hold the mounting brackets in place.

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