Ted Cruz and other run-off Republican candidates come to Garland, Texas

Today, July 21, 2012, at the Garland, Texas Holiday Inn a group of candidates in the Republican primaries run-off election came together at an event put on independently by a group of Tea Party leaders from around Northern Dallas. These candidates are not necessarily endorsed by the various Tea Parties, but are endorsed by this group of individuals.
The meeting MC was Katrina Pierson, a prominent Tea Party leader in the Northern Texas area. The candidates got a few minutes to speak and answered a few questions afterwards, but the main attraction was Ted Cruz, who was given considerably more time to speak and answer questions before heading off to another event. The candidate lineup included:
Christi Craddick who grew up in the oil and gas business, talked about her experience and the vast amount of natural resources available in Texas. Greg Parker was very charismatic, calling Global Warming a hoax and touted an impressive education. Gail Spurlock talked about the sad state of many college students who need to take remedial classes before they are ready for college level courses, and despite some concerns she favored a voucher system that would bring the free-market competition into education. Bill Whitehill said he wants the constitution enforced as it was originally intended, and touted his endorsement from former primary election opponents. Former Judge John Devine claimed to be a Strict Constitutional Constructionist.
Ted Cruz, who is seeking the Republican nomination to run for US Senator, talked about a lot of different topics, including presenting himself as the underdog, grassroots candidate who has come up in the polls and now has a nine point lead. He is being funded by the grassroots as opposed to his opponent who has a great deal of lobbyists’ donations and his own money to spend on the campaign. Parts of Ted’s speech were recorded and can be seen in the attached video.
As with any political event there was a lot of literature and yard signs being handed out, and donations being requested. There was even a petition to get Sarah Palin to come to Texas to give Ted Cruz her endorsement.

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