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2015 Toyota 4 Runner Oil Change

This is the first time I changed the oil in my wife’s 4Runner. Come learn from my struggles and stay tuned for the Oil Changing bloopers at the end of the video. Supplies: Mobile 1 0W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil. Oil Filter Drain Plug Gaskets Mobile 1 Synthetic Grease (Seem My FJ Cruser Oil […]

FJ Cruiser Oil Lube and Maintenance

I show off the basics of changing oil in an FJ Cruiser, and what oil filter to use for better protection over stock. I also go into other maintenance items, like lubing your drive shaft; a good idea to do with every oil change. My six year old son also came out to see what […]

Breaking Down is a Part of Life

It’s not fun when things break, but we can get through it. Broken Sleep Broken Weather Broken Ice Broken Quaker Oatmeal packages Broken Dog Broken Camera Broken Phone Broken House Broken Tape Broken Backup Broken Computer Monitor Broken Fan Broken Car Broken FJ Cruiser Broken Traffic Broken Battery Broken Speedomitor Broken Alternator Broken Walk Broken […]

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