Oil Crisis? Why?

Ever Heard of the Bakken Formation? Well you have now.

We actually have a great deal of oil reserves right here in the good old USA. So why aren’t we using it? Could it be the same reason the democratically controlled congress has refused time and again to allow energy legislation in this country to even come to a vote?

“On the Senate floor Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) offered several Unanimous Consent requests to lift the ban on offshore drilling for oil. The Democrats objected. Senator McConnell continued to ask, “how much do American citizens have to pay for gas for the Congressional Democrats to change their mind? $4.50? $5.00? $7.50?” Finally Senator McConnell asked if the Democrats would allow a vote if gas prices were to reach $10 a gallon? The Democrats continuously objected and said no!” – https://www.frc.org/get.cfm?i=AL08H01&f=AL08H01&t=e or https://www.frc.org/get.cfm?i=AL08H01&f=WA08H11

No wonder there approval rating is now at an all time low. – http://www.gallup.com/poll/108856/Congressional-Approval-Hits-RecordLow-14.aspx

Maybe it’s truly time for change as Barak Obama has been saying. But in this case, Barak is actually not in favor of change at all. – http://www.gop.com/news/NewsRead.aspx?Guid=24e094b9-da5e-4220-bd43-5c5adf0e2e27

Who is? Well McCain of course. And don’t forget the Libertarians, and Constitutionalist; they are certainly for less government and a free market that is able to do its own oil exploration.

I though the Democrats were the party of the “little people”, the poor, and the average hard working citizens that are hurting the most because of these high gas prices? Apparently they don’t care about the overall inflation in prices we have seen this year especially not these higher gas prices. Do they think they are somehow helping the people by keeping prices high, or are they more concerned about the environmentalists? The same environmentalists that want $5 a gallon gas (can you say “Al”).

Personally, I think we are fools to put so much reliance on any other countries for our most basic needs, including food, energy of any kind, and our ability to maintain our own infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities. We need to be more self sufficient, not only as a nation, but also as individuals.

On the other hand, what if oil is the life blood for our planet and we are slowly sucking the life out of it?

– Posted By Spaldam

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