A stimulating letter to Senator Cornyn

I got an e-mail from one of my Senators this week asking me to reply to the question, “How do you think the “stimulus” package has fallen short?”
Here was my reply:
Senator Cornyn, Thank you for you’re question about the so called “stimulus bill and other failed initiatives that have passed threw congress recently. I hope you will take the time to personally read my thorough response.
It seems to me that you voted for a “stimulus” bill late last year. I urged you not to. Not because I didn’t think there was a problem (there obviously was/is), not because I didn’t think something needed to be done (I still think something does need to be done that isn’t even being considered currently), but because I know it isn’t wise to give people billions of dollars who mishandled a great deal of money in the first place. As we have since seen the money has not even gone to the very purpose it was meant to, but instead as gone to fill to coffers of those who came asking for the handout in the first place!
Now that you’ve sent this request for comments, I can’t help but say “I told you so”, but you didn’t listen. Apparently you are listening now, so let me tell you what should be happening. And I hope you can see it as I do, not as an opinion, but as a matter of constitutional law and authority.
I believe every single member of congress has violated his or her oath of office to uphold and defend The Constitution. I would love to get elected to congress myself so that I could start presenting cases as to why all of you (including President Obama, all of his zars, and at least half of the supreme court justices) should be removed from office, but as it is right now, I’m too busy working hard to do the right thing, and support my family; including my two 10 month old twins. Not to mention that the current election laws just make it too time consuming, expensive, and right down impossible to do so with out an army of bureaucrats and lobbyists assisting you. Perhaps you could pass a new “stimulus” bill to help “stimulate” more direct participation in government from you’re constituents that employ you.
I would exhort you to spend some time reading and studying The Constitution as I have and especially pay attention to the 9th and 10th amendments. They used to be a valued part of the constitution, but today they might as well not exist. Also, try to find anything in The Constitution that authorizes federal bailouts or social programs of any kind.
I understand there are a lot of tough battles to be fought in Washington right now, which is all the more reason why we need strong people who will stand up to those who are violating our constitutional and God given rights (see the Declaration of Independence while you’re at it, and pay attention to the part about our “Creator” and the rights he gave us). People of the highest integirty who will NOT compromise on doing what is best for their constituents, within the bounds set forth by The Constitution. Keep in mind, we are not a Democracy, and the majority cannot do anything they want just because they have the largest voice, rather they must follow the rules and laws as they are, and the foundation of those laws in this contry is The Constitution.
Please start fighting for a return to our core Constitutional foundations an give the people of this country and opportunity to make us a great nation once again.

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